Central Library stage Irish Heritage Day

Manchester Irish Festival 2019

Manchester's newly refurbished award winning Central Library is staging a special Irish Heritage Day. The event is being co-ordinated by the Archive department and features a display from the Irish World Heritage Centre, plus the award winning Young, Gifted & Green exhibition and Mayo Manchester Tradfest.

Their will be live performances from some of the stars of Mayo Manchester Tradfest featuring the Keegan Academy of Irish Dancing and The Fianna Phadraig Irish Pipe Band.

The award winning 'Young, Gifted & Green' promotions company which has been promoting the Irish Arts since 1995 has been invited to stage a digital photographic exhibition in Central Library as part of the Libraries Irish Heritage Day on Saturday 18 March.

The exhibition will feature highlights from the companies shows it has staged over the last twenty two years which has helped raise over £200,000 for local charities. The special day has been organised by Siobhan O'Connor from the Manchester Archives and will also feature an exhibition from the Mayo Manchester Tradfest and live performances from the Fianna Phadraig Pipe Band and the Keegan Academy of Irish Dancing.

An exhibition of photographs from the award winning Mayo Manchester Tradfest which was staged in Mayo will also be on display.