The Streets of Levenshulme: Daniel Pitts mini-exhibition at Thairish Cafe

Manchester Irish Festival 2019

Levenshulme based artist Daniel Pitts will be holding a mini-exhibition of his works at Thairish Cafe in Levenshulme. Danny's portrait of Manchester Irish legend George Best was a sensation leading to commissions by a number of celebrities.

One of Danny's favourite subjects is the suburb of Levenshulme where he lives. Levenshulme is still home to a huge Irish Community and The Horseshoe Pub, Fiddler's Green and the old Palace Nightclub count among his popular works.

'The Streets of Levenshulme' feature areas of Levenshulme populated by the Irish over decades. Daniel said, "I am pleased to exhibit some of my favourite works during the festival. Levenshulme is an artists' dream - I'm heavily influenced by the area in which I live. The streets of Levenshulme, home to so many Irish people and now Irish decscent residents makes a fascinating study. I have previously done works like George Best and of course the Gallagher brothers. People say that in Levenshulme, the streets are paved with green. Like a stick of Blackpool Rock, the influence of the Irish runs right through our area. That is why I am pleased to have the opportunity to display some of my works during the festival."

Bernadette Fallon, from the cafe which fuses Irish and Thai food said, "Levenshulme is home to some outstanding talent - Daniel Pitts is at the forefront of that. We are so pleased to be able to showcase some of his works during the Irish Festival. They are available to buy at a extremely affordable price. His works 'The streets of Levenshulme' show a growing maturity and someone who is just getting better. Why not pop in to see his works and those from other local artists throughout our March season."

Fidelma Clerkin is been a huge fan of Daniel's work. She said, "Daniel's paintings are a snapshot of our area that are loved by a growing number of people. We are proud to see another local talent being recognised and the interest has been phenomenal."

If you are interested in having your own bespoke artwork commissioned feel free to get in touch with Daniel Pitts.


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